Pi Bot

I’ve wanted to create a robot for a long time and with the help of the wonderful Mr Andrew Brixey I have finally been able to do so, for the Big Draw at Cranleigh Arts Centre back in October.

The drawing robot was built with a Raspberry Pi 3, a basic frame, 2 motors, a Sharpie, a Playstation 3 controller, an explorer HAT, a mobile phone power bank and some sticky tape. Thanks to the easy to use library provided by Tom Oinn for his Triangula bot we managed to write the program that runs the robot in just 30 lines of Python!

All in all it was really easy to make the robot with pretty simple parts. The fact the Raspberry Pi 3 comes with bluetooth really puts it ahead of the other models for building robots. I’m really happy I managed to physically make something as well as code something. You can see the robot in action in the video below.