Games Boy - Write your own Game Boy games in C

The game boy was my first personal home console back in the early 90s and perhaps the console that cemented my love of games in general. I’ve always dreamed of writing a game for it and now it seems I (sort of) have.

I’ve been playing around with the GBDK for a while now and have managed to summarise my learnings in an article for Wireframe magazine. You can find the first part here in issue 62 and the second here in issue 63. Both parts start on page 50 of their respective issues.

I’d like to add to the article with a little personal special thanks section. All these people and more helped me build what I hope is an interesting and informative read for you:

  • Ryan Lambie for being an amazing person and editor.
  • MVG and his handy GB coding quickstart.
  • Dr Ludos with his GB game making guide.
  • Dan Cox with his GBDK guide.
  • The GB dev community in general for countless amazing tools like GBDK, sprite editors etc.