Cleaning up my site

Since I started my own blog around 10 years ago to learn HTML and web tech in general, a lot has changed. I originally relied heavily on external tech such as facebook comments, google analytics and disqus to host comments and track activity on my page. Sadly, things haven’t exactly gone well in terms of privacy on the internet for a variety of reasons and I think it’s time to clean this page up.

Therefore as of right now this page is free of all trackers, social media widgets and ad tech I don’t directly need to keep this site running. I’m still using github pages for hosting, youtube for video storage and AWS as a domain registrar so I can’t guarantee this site is entirely tracker free but I’ll endeavour to keep this page as clean as I can going forward.

Most of the web is full of pop ups, adverts and other annoyances that make the experience less pleasant than it could be. I can’t fix those problems at scale but I can at least try to make people feel more at ease on my site. I hope in some small way this helps.

I’ll work towards removing more trackers as and when I can find replacement tech. If you find something you think should be removed, please send me a message at .