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About this website

Welcome to my online portfolio! On this website you can find out more about me and my work, as well as view and download samples of what I have made. I hope you enjoy looking at my efforts.

Who I am


Name: Edwin Jones

Age: 32

Location: Surrey/Sussex



Hi there! My name is Edwin, and I'm a professional software engineer with experience in C#, Python, HTML, Javascript, CSS, SQL, XML, C++ and many more acronyms that are too numerous to fit onto one page. I love to code, build and design - be it for a website, a game or desktop program but I have many other hobbies, skills and interests which I need to keep track of and showcase. I built this site from scratch in ASP.NET to do just that.

I'm a sort of eclectic person with a Distinction in MSc Multimedia Games Engineering from Nottingham Trent University. I have previously spent my years writing for websites such as Xboxic and Parental Guidance, the latter of which I co-founded. I also have experience presenting live TV shows on the now defunct Game Network show Game Guru. I currently work as a software developer at Exclaimer, however before that I worked as a software engineer for Electronic Arts, Premier Tax Free and for Computer Care.

I have samples of my work all over this site so feel free to look around. More things will be added as I build, tinker and learn. If you want more work, or perhaps just a higher resolution/different format of the work already presented please drop me an e-mail and I will be happy to oblige. I'm also happy to dicuss how I achieved things from a technical standpoint with anybody who wants to know. I tend ramble on at length on issues both personal and professional as I am a prolific writer, so please visit my rants page to check some of my writing out.

(PS: I’ve had a few requests for some video of me on Game Guru, so here is a video of me in 2005 reviewing Perfect Dark Zero just after the launch of the Xbox 360. Enjoy!)