Edwin Jones
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Silverlight Demos

This page hosts my work in Microsoft's powerful and portable Silverlight framework. It's a great way to show off my .Net programming skills without you needing to download very much, just the silverlight runtime which will work on almost any PC or Mac web browser. Feel free to embed/borrow any of my code for your own sites as long as you credit me in some way. You can install any of these applications on your home PC or Mac by right clicking on them and selecting "install onto this computer".

I must take time to thank the people who produced the wonderful Jetpack Theme as this has allowed me to make these applications look very pretty without doing an insane amount of restyling myself.

ePassword Generator

First off we have a small utility program I created for making secure, random passwords. At work I often need secure and unique passwords so I came up with a simple LINQ based program that randomises every character in a set and presents them to the user.

eMedia Player

Secondly we have a video player I have made from scratch myself with the help of the wonderful silverlight/wpf media element control. It can play WMV, WMA, MP3 and MP4 files. Just click 'choose' to choose a file to play and away you go. It's very lightweight at the moment, but I do intend to update it over time.