Edwin Jones
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Photoshop Demos

Here are some example of my abilities with Adobe Photoshop. This all stems from a project I had to do for my MSc course. We were asked to pick a theme and to make a flash video (which you can find in the "flash" section of this website,) and three photoshopped images based on this theme. We could pick anything we wanted within reason. Whilst my fellow students picked safer, more mundane topics I myself chose to a mock up of what a government agency might publish in the event of a zombie outbreak. Remember to click the images for larger versions.

ZSI Logo

The first image you can see here is the logo I designed. ZSI stands for "Zombie Survival Information" and the whole logo is a allegory parodying the swine flu pandemic of late 2009. This was mostly constructed within Adobe Photoshop with only one outside image used. I took advantage of vector graphics and the text editor to make the logo. I tried to make the logo look like a creepy eyeball. The zombies themselves are lines created from a popular Resident Evil 2 promotional policeman from several years ago, although I did have to chop off his hat.

A copy of my logo.

Here is a copy of the original Resident Evil 2 asset just to show you how different the original looks.

Zombie policeman.

Zombie Castle

Next up we have a popular Nottingham landmark, Nottingham castle – but zombified! I added the sky and made it reddish as well all the zombies you can see who are all quite famous in their own way on the internet. One of them is even from a popular Romero movie if you are eagle eyed enough to spot him.

My lovely work.

Demon Nana

Last but not least, we have a demon nanna you may or may not recognise from a certain breakfast cereal advertising campaign. It’s surprising how easy it was to turn her from a loving grandmother to a cannibalistic hell fiend. You really can’t tell I scanned the image in off a cereal box at all.