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Javascript Demos

Whilst I have a lot of demonstration programs on this site for applications such as Flash and Silverlight, not every browser supports them, and some people do not want to use plug-ins for their browser. With this in mind, I thought it a good idea to dedicate an entire page to demonstrate some of my projects in javascript. Whilst this scripting language is usually used to help style a page or even to help in site navigation it can actually go some way toward making applications. The best part is almost ANYTHING will run javascript as long as it has some form of web browser. Many people tout Java or C++ as the best cross platform solution, but Javascript is much simpler and easier to learn, despite its limitations.

Below are some samples of what I have come up with, most of which depend on Jquery or Google Analytics. Jquery is perhaps the best javascript library there is. If you ever want to start playing with javascript yourself I would recommend you get to grips with it as it can save you a lot of time.

Mirrorless Edge (Mini Ludum Dare Entry, March 2014)

This is a little game I made with my friend Steven, back in March 2014. Technically I used typescript for this (because it is awesome) but that compiles to javascript so I think it's still a good example of the amazing things javascript can make these days. The game is a simple endless runner but can still be quite addictive. Click the image below to load the game in your browser and use the arrow keys to play.

Mirrorless Edge

Analytics Charts of this Site (as of October 2014)

This is a nice little example of Google's graphing API I am using to show off how easy it is to spice up your data visually with javascript. It shows where my site's visitors (who don't block google analytics) are located geographically as of October 2014. The data seems to say most of my visitors are Americans at their desktop computers who love to read my rants.

Visits by Country

Individual Page Views

Visitor Browser Type

Virtual Binary Adding Machine

This is an 8 bit/single byte binary adding machine designed to demonstrate simple binary logic. This machine can perform basic operations on any two unsigned 8 bit binary integers and output the result in binary as an unsigned integer.

Please note that input two is the subtrahend in subtraction operations.

128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1
Input One
Input Two


Digital Clock

This is a simple digital clock that allows you to check the time in different cities across the world. It uses your system clock, so if your system time is incorrect it will also be wrong.

San Francisco  New York  London  Moscow  Tokyo