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Flash Demos

This section of the website is reserved for showing you all my wonderful flash abilities. To try out these games just click the links provided – you will need to be using a web browser that is Flash enabled though.


Omega is a flash game I built from an old University coursework project which was an attempt to rebuild asteroids. Months later I took a look at the code, decided it was far too basic and rewrote the entire game – this time including visual assets I created in Autodesk 3ds Max. I did borrow a few things to speed the production up. The asteroid texture is actually an image of the moon from Wikipedia I edited in Photoshop to suit my needs. The sounds are all from freesound.org and the pixel perfect hit collision checking class was written by Troy Gilbert – the rest of it I made myself from looking at other game’s code on the web and figuring out how to build those functions myself. It’s still a work in progress as it isn’t as smooth running or as feature filled as I would like but it is very playable and stable how it is now. The controls are simple, the arrow keys move you about and the space bar fires bullets.


This flash movie was one of my best projects whilst at Nottingham Trent University. We were asked to pick a theme and to make a flash video and three photoshopped images (which you can find in the “photoshop” section of this website) based on this theme. We could pick anything we wanted within reason. Whilst my fellow students picked safer, more mundane topics I myself chose to a mock up of what a government agency might publish in the event of a zombie outbreak.

What follows is an interactive flash movie with multiple choices. You are shown an introductory video and then asked where you yourself would shoot a zombie and then graded on how correct your answer was. I recorded all the video, edited it together in Adobe Premiere, imported it to Flash as an FLV and added some basic Actionscript to code the buttons and video controls. You can play the movie below.