Edwin Jones
Portfolio Website


On this page you can look at images and videos of 3D models I have made, mostly with Autodesk 3ds max.

Ident Project

Here is my ident that I made to promote Nottingham Trent University with Autodesk 3ds Max.

Character Model

Here is my animated character model dancing, rigged and textured. He was made in Autodesk 3ds Max and has a custom BIP file loaded for this animation.

Castle Model

Here is a picture of one of my early models, a medieval castle, fully textured. Again, this was made in Autodesk 3ds Max.

Here is a better view of the castle with added lighting and tall grass.

Bowling Alley Models

This is a picture of my bowling alley scene with a bowling ball and pins. Notice the use of texturing on the ball to cover up a lack of geometry – this was intentional to show how you can save resources and have a model that looks almost as good as a more complex one.

Household Item Models

The next three models were part of a coursework project I undertook at Nottingham Trent University. These models had to be made to scale with a correctly prepared texture map and triangle limit (each one is no more than 1000 triangles) so that they would be suitable for use within a current generation game engine, such as the Unreal 3 engine. They were a lot harder to make as they had to be practical, yet complex and based on real household objects so that I could base the models on reference photos. I had to use a variety of advanced materials such as a metallic material for the light bulb and bump mapping as well as a plastic-like material for the cola bottle.

The Cola Bottle Model.

The Light Bulb Model.

The Game Boy Model.

As you can see, they are detailed and interesting models despite the low triangle count. You can download and read a PowerPoint presentation describing how I made these three models and my character model here.